It’s The Day of the Doctor! Allons-y!!

IMG_0164 IMG_0166 IMG_0167 IMG_0169

When The Boy asks for a TARDIS cake, he gets a TARDIS cake, covered with blue cookies because we don’t care for fondant very much. Add blue, white, and black royal icing, and a Tenth Doctor action figure, and allons-y!

We are ready for the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who here, complete with fish fingers and custard. Geronimo!

Note to self: put blue food coloring on the shopping list.

See you soon, on the Road.

  1. Well, my custard came out authentic looking (can’t vouch for taste) but just couldn’t bring myself to use ACTUAL fish fingers so had to settle for faux fingers. Your cake looks FANTASTIC!

    Was not expecting the curator so that was a fun little surprise. Left with sooooo many questions!



    1. The Curator was a wonderful surprise! My custard was pretty tasty, and oddly, both The Husband and I actually kind of liked the fish fingers dipped in it. The cake now looks something like the Van Gogh painting, but that was the point, wasn’t it? ;)



  2. It’s cakey-er on the inside!

    And fish fingers and custard was oddly good.



    1. Cake with custard is better, though. :)



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