A Little Bit of This and That

The heat has finally moved out of New England; in fact, it’s going to be unseasonably cool overnight the next few nights. It’s great sleeping weather, as they say, and it’s also great cooking weather.


I finally got those stuffed peppers made. Although I was decidedly sloppy with the phyllo dough wrapping, these peppers came out of the oven crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside, with the goat/feta cheese and kale filling soft and melty. When I revisit this, and I will, I am going to season the peppers with salt and vinegar before I fill and wrap them, because they really could have used a little extra flavor.


Bacon, lettuce, and tomato is one of my favorite combinations any time of year, but it’s spectacular with fresh, in-season lettuce and tomatoes. I deconstructed the sandwich, and turned it into a salad, with a homemade Ranch-style dressing instead of plain mayonnaise, and served it with New England-style sandwich rolls, toasted on the same griddle I cooked the bacon on. As one does. Then of course, I put some pickles in a roll, and stuffed it jam-packed full of BLT salad, thereby turning it back into a sandwich. So there. There isn’t a picture of the sandwich, because it was so wonderfully messy to eat that I didn’t want to touch my camera until it was all gone, and I had washed my hands.

With the reference to bacon, you may be wondering how it’s going with my VB6 (Vegan Before Six) transition. It’s easier said than done. I’m pretty successfully vegetarian before 6:00 PM, but the logistics of veganism have been complicated by the leftovers that pile up in the fridge with meat in them, and getting people besides me to eat them. I’ll get back to you.

And now for something completely different: the latest video from The Perennial Plate is a montage of some of the best things about food in Italy. They’ve titled it, “Ten Things We Love About Italy”, but I would title it, “Ten Things That Make Life Worth Living”. This video reminded me how much I love Italian food and the Italian sensibility about food, the regional pride taken in foods made locally, and that the best ingredients, prepared simply, will shine as brightly as any complicated, fussily prepared dish, if used in season, to their best advantage. Click on over to The Perennial Plate and check it out.

I’m a week behind with my CSA posts (again? still? perpetually?), but the more comfortable weather should allow me some time to think and cook and create, instead of just sitting and sweating. So I will bring you the seasonal goodness soon; until then, go play in your kitchen; bring home something you’ve never cooked with before from the grocery store or Farmer’s Market, and have some fun. I’ll see you again soon, on the Road.



  1. Please, oh please do the peppers with a mild chili! These were good (and for an avowed bell pepper hater, that’s saying something) but would be spectacular with a mild chili instead.


  2. Loved the BLT deconstructed and reconstructed. That’s my favorite sandwich EVER, and when ever I’m at Subway, I always get a BLT with extra pickles…the best. Glad to find another BLT-lover out there, but I’m hardly surprised that we like the same thing, because I like everything you cook!


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