CSA #4/Farmer’s Market #5

It is too hot for words. So here are some pictures.


L to R: pickling cucumbers, baby bell peppers, broccoli, lettuce, kale, basil, zucchini and yellow summer squash.

While at the CSA farmstand, I also picked up:


Here’s what I picked up the following Saturday at the Farmer’s Market:


L to R: coffee, focaccia, shortbread sugar cookies, tomatoes, potatoes, white chocolate/raspberry spread, raspberries, granola, and chicken breast.

I did not manage to get all the vegetables on this plate, but here’s what I did create:


What you have here is a barbequed spare rib (thanks to The Husband), mashed potatoes with chive butter, broccoli tomato salad, sauteed squashes and kale, and quick Swedish pickles (thanks, America’s Test Kitchen-The Science of Good Cooking).

I had planned on stuffing the baby bell peppers with goat cheese and kale, but it just didn’t happen. I still want to try this, so cross your fingers for me. The chicken breast from the Farmer’s Market went into one of the stir fry lesson recipes from America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School. It was better than any Chinese takeout I’ve ever had.


There are green beans and shiitake mushrooms, as well as a sesame/soy/sweet/hot sauce that was perfectly balanced. Well played, America’s Test Kitchen, well played.

If you are astute (and don’t worry if you’re not), you noticed there was no Farmer’s Market #4. I skipped a week, due to the heat and a houseful of food. This Saturday I may be skipping again, as this week’s CSA share was huge with squash and cucumbers, and this week’s cooking has been kept to a minimum by the unusual heat and humidity.

Thanks for checking in, to see what’s been on our plates this week. I’ll see you again soon, on the Road.

  1. I always enjoy seeing what you’re getting from the CSA and the farmer’s markets! Your recipes look delicious. Let me know if you need help with the leftovers!



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