Yes, You Can Try This At Home!

First things first:



Okay, so I had some crusty bread from the local bakery that didn’t get eaten as quickly as usual, so I cut it into 3/4″ cubes and put it in the freezer for “some future use”.

I also had a large turkey breast (skin included) in the freezer from when we roasted a very large turkey, a few months back.

I also had several quarts of turkey stock in the freezer, yielded by the aforementioned bird’s long, slow simmer in my big stockpot.



Now this is pretty much an ordinary turkey pot pie (those among you who are especially astute will recognize the frozen peas and corn mingling with the freshly sauteed carrots, celery, and onions, enrobed in a turkey velouté, er, sauce), but the crust is the scrumptious twist here:

I tossed the thawed bread cubes in a melted stick of butter, and added in FINELY CHOPPED TURKEY SKIN. Yes I did.

The bread cube/turkey skin crust turned a lovely shade of golden brown, and the turkey skin re-crisped, just as nature intends turkey skin to do, when it’s baked in an oven. I thought it was truly marvelous; The Husband said he thought it could use even more butter and skin.

Men. Always finding a way to turn a simple meal into a kinky fantasy.

So, the next time you roast a turkey (or chicken, although the skin yield is far less and you might have to fight off your family members to get it into the freezer-or is that just us?), don’t discard the skin that isn’t greedily gobbled down as soon as it’s cool enough to touch (again, just us?). Freeze it with the leftover turkey, and make a turkey pot pie that gets their attention.

Have some fun with your food, get your minds out of the gutter, and I’ll see you on down the Road.

  1. I asked #1 girl if that looked good….”Yeeeessssss!” Would never have thought to use the skin that way but then that’s not usually our favorite part. Perhaps next time? If it weren’t so hot I might be tempted to run out and buy a turkey right now. Then again, a bird smoked on the grill….hmmmmmmmm.



    1. Smoked turkey skin would be soooooo wonderful.



  2. Fun with your food. Hmmmm…..

    And the smoked bird on the grill is a fabulous idea. Here’s an idea: Apple wood smoked bird on the grill, and apple wood smoked bacon to supplement any deficiency in the skin department. Everything’s better with bacon, isn’t it?



    1. Well, yeah. Bacon is better with bacon.



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