Belated Happy Pi Day!



Just a quick post to let you know I have not gone completely insane since Mother Nature decided we needed another 12 inches of snow in the yard. Even Luna the Dog doesn’t want to go out in it anymore.

The pizzas and little mini-pies were our impromptu celebration of Pi Day, which to those not blessed/cursed with the geek gene, was March 14. (3/14, get it?) I was doubly entertained by the fact that our pizzas, bedecked with sausage in the shape of the greek letter pi, were also round, and pi is the number that you multiply the diameter of a circle by, to get the circumference of the circle…


The pizzas were a) Pepperoni and Sausage (The Boy’s favorite), and b) Prosciutto, Dried Fig, Gorgonzola, and Sausage (for The Husband and I). When figs are in season, we love to top slices of fig with a little Gorgonzola cheese, and wrap them in prosciutto, so I figured the combo had to work on pizza, and it did.

The little pies were made with the ridiculous unitasker I fell for, the Babycakes Pie Pop Maker. I admit it, I was seduced by the Suzie Homemaker siren song of all the possibilities this appliance promised: desserts, party treats, appetizers, all at my fingertips. Not to say the little dears aren’t tasty (fill them however you want, use your favorite crust recipe or frozen puff pastry dough), but the thing is so obnoxious to clean, it’s not exactly a go-to toy for some quick fun with your food.

But they’re round. Plus no one was really into an actual pie, so making one seemed dangerous (for me, the one who would end up eating it).

So, that was our Pi Day! I’ll see you soon, somewhere down the (hopefully) sunny Road.

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