Two Options- #perennialplate

The Perennial Plate | Adventures in Sustainable Eating has a new video up titled “Two Options”. It’s about farmers in India, their age-old practice of saving seeds, and two women reviving the practice, in response to the desperate choices farmers must make when they begin doing business with Monsanto. I’ll let the video speak for itself, but the Indian farmers, and farmers all over the world (including North America) who are being driven out of farming by Monsanto’s predatory business practices and high-stakes legal bullying need someone to speak for them. Contact your Congressmen and let them know what you think about Monsanto.

If you don’t know what you think of Monsanto, google Monsanto and seed-saving, and see what you think then. Google Monsanto and GMO. Google Monsanto and rGBH. But don’t just sit there and take for granted that Monsanto is some benevolent food giant that wants to feed the world, because that is not what they really want.

Eat Local, Eat GMO-free, and I’ll see you down the Road.

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