A Family Effort

Whoa, where did that week go? Well, actually, I’ll tell you where it went-into a lot of pet care and maintenance, that’s where. Nothing terribly serious, but let’s just say the pets made a lot of extra laundry this week. You really don’t want to know (and if you have pets, you already have an idea.) Oh, and then there was the day I wore myself out scraping ice from the driveway. So done with winter. This will be a quick post, just to let everyone know we’re still alive and kicking here on the Road.


This was dinner the night of the snowstorm. The menu was planned by The Boy, the meal was mostly prepared by The Boy, and it was also plated by The Boy. What we have here are Salmon Fish Fingers, and Crispy Salmon Skin Strips. They are served on a bed of buttered orzo, and accompanied by steamed broccoli. I removed the skin from the salmon, then The Boy cut it into portions, and they were salted, peppered, and dredged in flour. While I pan-fried the salmon, The Boy put the orzo into boiling water, and trimmed the broccoli for steaming. I sauteed the skin strips in a very hot pan, while The Boy stirred lots of butter into the cooked, drained orzo. Finally, The Husband took the lovely photo of the finished dish. It was delicious, and we enjoyed it all the more because we all put something into it. The Boy wants to add bread crumbs to the fish fingers for next time. I’m looking forward to the next time we cook together, no matter what it is.

Cook with your family, cook whatever you all like, and see if it doesn’t taste just a little better, with that special added ingredient. You know the one.

See you on down the Road.

  1. Yum! And what a simply wonderful way to bring together the family. Can’t think of anything better than lots of butter in the orzo. Tell the boy that was a great compliment to the meal!



    1. I’m pretty sure buttered orzo is his favorite food; actually, this plate is full of his favorite foods. But butter makes everything better. ;)



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