Winter Is Coming

I’ve been a bit preoccupied with the approaching blizzard, so instead of a marvelous post about my marvelous food, I bring you a couple of links.

1. The Perennial Plate cooking show! Yes, those krazy kids from Minnesota have a cooking show on YouTube. Go check them out here: The Perennial Plate In The Kitchen. Also, if you haven’t seen their latest video stylings of their trip to India, you really should watch it, it’s one of their best videos yet: A Day In India.

2. If you are in the path of the Winter that Is Coming, I strongly suggest you check out the latest posts from Stephanie Pearl-McPhee over at Yarn Harlot; she was a very smart (lucky) woman who managed to be out of Toronto for this possibly historic weather event, and instead finds herself in the Caribbean. The photos alone are a perfect antidote to what’s going on outside on the East Coast of the United States right now, but also read the posts, as her descriptions of her island paradise will warm you right through.

That’s all for now; there is some serious cooking in the works, and that means some serious blogging in the next few weeks. See you soon.

  1. ah – thank you from the midst of Nemo for the Yarn Harlot’s pics. :)



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