This Week’s Menu, AKA K.I.S.S.

So, this week’s menu features meals designed to a) use up leftovers in the refrigerator; b) use up some of the ingredients that have been in my pantry for a while; c) Keep It Simple Sweetie, while we continue adjusting to our status as returning homeschoolers. On that note, let’s just say there can be too much of a good thing, and that not all children are built to handle the stress of a highly accelerated curriculum, even if they are intellectually capable of learning the material. Faster is not always better. The Boy will continue to study Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra, at a pace that is stimulating and enjoyable, not overwhelming and anxiety-inducing. In addition, he has asked to learn how the Stock Market works (!), how to create our own 3-D jigsaw puzzles, and has created a vocabulary study plan of his own design, beginning with the word “parkour”. Life is soon to become very interesting.

Back to the food.

Sunday Dinner: Butternut Squash Soup, Pork Roast, a SECRET Potato Recipe I tested for Cook’s Illustrated (!), Steamed Broccoli.

When I can reveal the potato recipe to you, be sure I will, because it is tasty-good.

Monday Dinner: Turkey/Black Bean Burritos, Cabbage/Kohlrabi Slaw, various condiments

This dinner is using up the turkey breast and molé I cooked last week, another recipe from America’s Test Kitchen, an avocado that might be riper than I think, a big bunch of cilantro that I never seem to use up fast enough, and sour cream that I think has been there for a while. The black beans are coming from the overcrowded pantry.

Tuesday Dinner: leftovers

Wednesday Dinner: Macaroni and Cheese, Glazed Baby Carrots, Brown Butter Brussels Sprouts w/Prosciutto

I will definitely share the Brussels sprouts recipe with you. If you are not a fan, try them this way.

Thursday Dinner: leftovers

Friday Dinner: Shrimp Curry, Rice with Leeks

I’m kind of making this one up as I go, using a Curry Sauce recipe from Jamie Oliver. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

I don’t have Saturday planned yet; not sure what’s going on this weekend.

So that’s it for now; photos of fabulous food forthcoming. See you soon, on down the Road.

  1. Love seeing your dinner menu planning for the week. I can never use up cilantro either! Can’t wait to read about the Potato recipe, and good luck with the homeschooling opportunity! It would be fun if he could be a guest blogger!!!



    1. I hope he will help out on the blog! He has taken photos, so maybe we’ll start there. :)



  2. Leftover butternut Squash soup + leftover turkey and black bean stuff from the burritos + 3-4 drops Tabasco mixed thoroughly in a microwave safe lunch bucket = tasty goodness!

    Does using leftover leftovers make them leftovers squared?



    1. My work here is done. ;)



  3. Oh yum. And just think, The Boy might discover that cooking counts as learning. Now picture you, lying about achieving scandalous levels of relaxation while he conquers the kitchen.



    1. LOL! I could love scandalous levels of relaxation. The Boy has cooked before; I blogged it in March 2010 (check the archives, there’s only one post, you can’t miss it ;) ).



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