The Freezer of Doom

My freezer is one of the most useful and important tools I have when it comes to eating seasonally. Almost anything that looks like it’s going to go south before I can get to cooking it, can be frozen in some form, pretty quickly and easily, and having a freezer full of little treasures is a lot of fun when I’m looking for inspiration during less abundant months.

But not when it looks like this.

This is what happens when I spend the summer and early fall stuffing “little treasures” into my freezer. Time for a cleanout and some organization.

I love having little baskets to collect things in. It makes all those freezer bags of this-and-that easier to corral, and when I want to know what’s in there, I just pull the whole basket out to see. I use big ones in my chest freezer downstairs, but I bought a couple of little ones for the little freezer part of the refrigerator. Yes, you do see some supermarket processed frozen things in there, I’m not a superwoman, you know. Even I need a little help now and then.

This is much better. The baskets have meat, assorted butters, herbs, frozen dumplings, purees, etc., all stored together so I know where they are, and more importantly, what exactly is at my disposal.

Gratuitous dog photo. She’s waiting for an ice cube.

These are chicken carcasses, and they are going to become some fabulous stock. They were taking up a lot of room.

This is a number of meals in the works. I have a menu planned around these items for the week, and they will all get used up. There’s hamburger and buns, a beef/bean burrito stuffing, corn tortillas I bought in a big package, and froze in meal-sized packages, and some pre-made guacamole from Trader Joe’s; it’s an easy substitute for scratch-made guac, all natural, and tasty. There is also a package of cooked ham, which will be a perfect addition to scalloped potatoes with Mornay (cheese) sauce.

Clean out your freezer! I’ll see you on down the Road.

  1. Hope Luna got her ice cube! My freezer could use some attention too.



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