Chef Marcus Samuelsson talks about How Kids View “Healthy” Foods

Here’s a link to a great read from Chef Marcus Samuelsson:

Notes From LinkedIN: X-Ray Vision Carrots & Changing the Way Our Children Eat « Chef Marcus Samuelsson.

He discusses the idea that the way we talk about food with our children can influence whether or not they will be interested in eating it. In a recent study by Cornell University, children were more enthusiastic about eating vegetables when they were given exciting names, such as “Silly Dilly Green Beans” and “X-Ray Vision Carrots”. Samuelsson has taken this idea further by suggesting we should stop making the distinction between “healthy” foods and “tasty” foods, because it somehow implies that “healthy” foods are not “tasty”. Any of you who have ever eaten just-picked fresh peas from the pod, or a sun-warmed tomato fresh off the vine know this is simply not true. But it’s the impression given when we tell our kids, “Eat it, it’s good for you,” rather than, “Have a bite of this, it’s delicious.”

Click the link, have a good read, and see if it doesn’t get you thinking about your own food choices, and how you make them. I’ll see you on down the Road.

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