Roasted Granadero Roma Tomatoes (edited 10/2013)

(edited to clarify cooking directions)

The tomato season is quickly coming to a close here, and I’m feverishly working to put as many of them away for winter as possible. I stumbled upon the roasting-and-freezing technique recently, and wow. It’s so easy, and they’re fabulous. I’m going to add these to sauces and soups, heck, I’m going to try all kinds of things with these.

I simply trimmed off the stem end, cut the tomatoes in half, placed them on an oiled, heavy baking sheet, drizzled with more oil, and let them roast in a 300 deg. oven for about 3 hrs.

(Check on them every 30 minutes or so.) I turned them over once the tops looked dry (but the tomatoes are still intact enough to turn over individually. I’m not sure how long this will take for you.) Once they were darkened and the juice in the pan was thickened, I let them cool in the turned-off oven, and packed them in a freezer bag. Done. (Check the photo at the top of the post to see how they should look. Their texture is not that of a sun-dried tomato; they will be very soft and squish all together when you scoop them off the cookie sheet.)

Of course, I had to sample a couple to see what I had wrought. Their flavor is intensely TOMATO, with all their sweetness concentrated and caramelized into a tiny pack of oh-man-that’s-good. I can’t wait to play with these come wintertime.

Go roast some local Roma tomatoes, and I’ll see you on down the Road.



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