Tomato Soup 2.0

I have posted this recipe before (Real Soup is Good Food), but in that post I peeled and seeded the tomatoes. Today I used the food mill, for two reasons.

1. I was too lazy to boil a pot of water, dip and peel all these tomatoes.

2. When I made the Summer Vegetable Gratin, I read the Test Kitchen’s note about umami in the jelly-like pulp of the tomato, and decided I wanted that in my soup. The food mill made that possible.

This soup is simply summer, distilled into rich tomato-y goodness, that freezes well and is just perfect on a snowy day or evening. It’s also perfect for a late summer supper, apparently, because after he sampled some at lunch, The Boy asked me to make another batch for supper. So I did. It’s that easy. Even if you’re lazy.

Go check out “Real Soup is Good Food”, and make yourself some real, honest tomato soup, and I’ll see you on down the Road.

  1. Hey, whaddya gonna do with those peaches in the background?



    1. I’m taking requests…



      1. Coblah!


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