Hearty Ten-Vegetable Stew (America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School)

That’s a counterful of ingredients. This stew is really quite delicious, as well as completely vegetarian, and it makes a big pot, so it is worth all the chopping and mincing.

I have to say, of all the lessons so far in the America’s Test Kitchen Cooking School, the Knife Skills practice was possibly the most valuable. It took about 45 min to run my knife through all of this produce, and it would have taken me much longer if I hadn’t been improving my knife skills by practicing the proper techniques I’ve learned.

Here’s the same spread, after it’s all been under the knife. Whew. Once you make it to this point, though, it’s all dump and cook.

The stew starts off with a deep brown mushroom base, to which the aromatics are added, and browned, then garlic, thyme, tomato paste, and flour take a quick spin in the pot before wine, vegetable broth, and water are added, with the root veg, and left to simmer gently.

The kale (recipe called for swiss chard, but said I could sub in kale, so I did) and zucchini get a short simmer at the end, with lemon juice and parsley, salt and pepper added just before serving. The broth is so rich and flavorful, you’d almost think there was meat in it. The vegetables are fork-tender, but not falling apart, and it really is a hearty stew. Vegetarian can stick to your ribs without lots of pasta and cheese.

The stew had to wait a bit, so that The Husband could finish grilling chicken wings, and also take this photo. But the flavor mellowed even with that short wait, so I’ll bet it’s going to be really amazing in his lunch today.

I am sorry to not post the actual recipe, or a link to it, because it is a subscription-only recipe. America’s Test Kitchen does offer a 14-day free trial, if you’re interested in checking them out. I knew my way around the kitchen before I started their courses, but I have learned a lot of very important details that have made a big difference in how my food looks, and tastes, and my confidence in my kitchen has gone way up. (I guess I should mention that America’s Test Kitchen did not ask me for this glowing endorsement. It’s just how I feel.)

So, sharpen your knives, practice your knife skills, and dig in to some vegetable stew, or soup, and I’ll see you on down the Road.

  1. “…so I’ll bet it’s going to be really amazing in his lunch today.”

    That it was.

    I do think I’d like to taste it with chard instead of kale. The kale added a bit more ‘bite’ than chard does, and I like chard better.



  2. Wow, that is an impressive array of chopped stuff. 45 minutes? Not bad at all, and the soup looks mahhhvelous.



    1. I am finding I actually enjoy the knife work, now that I feel more confident and comfortable doing it, and am getting such great results. This was probably my limit, though! ;)



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