#CookForJulia French Bread In Real Time Pt. 3

This is the forming step, took about 5 minutes.

On a lightly floured surface, lift one side of the dough up and over almost to the other side. Turn the dough a quarter turn or so, and keep lifting the side of the ball with your palm. You will see the dough ball becoming more rounded and compact, as you work your way around the ball. Flip the ball over into your hands, and tuck the ends of dough, a little at a time, under the ball as you rotate it in your hands. Turn the ball over once more and pinch together all the ends you tucked under, and rest the dough for its final rising on a tray with a floured towel under it and covering it.

This is way too many words for what I just did. You need to try this at home. It took me longer to post this than it did to shape the bread.

The dough will need another 1 1/2 hours probably, to nearly triple in size. Soon we bake. Time for some wine. See you later.

  1. We’re stayin’ up all night makin’ bread!



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