Ratatouille Ravioli with Three Sauces

Look at this beautiful photograph The Husband took of my ravioli. He made them look so sexy and fancy-pants. The three sauces are a tomato/bell pepper sauce, a taleggio cheese sauce, and brown butter.

The tomato/pepper sauce was based on the piperade for Confit Byaldi, but after a long simmer, I pushed it through a strainer to give it a smoother texture.

The cheese sauce has just three main ingredients; unsalted butter, heavy cream, and taleggio cheese-a soft cheese from Northern Italy. The butter is melted, the cream is added and brought to a simmer, and the cheese added in chunks and stirred off the heat until melted. Salt and pepper to taste, and a touch of freshly grated nutmeg to give the earthy cheese sauce a clean finish.

The brown butter is, well, unsalted butter melted and allowed to brown in a saute pan, but not burnt.

I used sage on the brown butter ravioli, and parsley on the other two.

I picked up our 7th share this afternoon-that post is coming soon. See you on down the Road.



  1. Delicious! Which sauce did your family like the best? And, with all the creative cooking you’re doing, how do you handle clean-up? Do you pick up as you go, or wait till the end of the evening after dinner and get it all at once? I’m ashamed to say that sometimes I avoid cooking just because I don’t want to clean up…


    • I liked all of them, Husband liked the cheese, and Boy was a pill and didn’t eat his.
      Cleaning up can vary wildly from a complete clean-up as I go, to leaving it all until morning when I am half-asleep and drinking my first cup of coffee, and don’t care that I’m doing dishes.
      Or Husband and Boy sometimes clean up. True Confessions: the kitchen counter is almost never empty of dirty dishes. Such is the creative life. ;)


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