Ratatouille Ravioli with Three Sauces

Look at this beautiful photograph The Husband took of my ravioli. He made them look so sexy and fancy-pants. The three sauces are a tomato/bell pepper sauce, a taleggio cheese sauce, and brown butter.

The tomato/pepper sauce was based on the piperade for Confit Byaldi, but after a long simmer, I pushed it through a strainer to give it a smoother texture.

The cheese sauce has just three main ingredients; unsalted butter, heavy cream, and taleggio cheese-a soft cheese from Northern Italy. The butter is melted, the cream is added and brought to a simmer, and the cheese added in chunks and stirred off the heat until melted. Salt and pepper to taste, and a touch of freshly grated nutmeg to give the earthy cheese sauce a clean finish.

The brown butter is, well, unsalted butter melted and allowed to brown in a saute pan, but not burnt.

I used sage on the brown butter ravioli, and parsley on the other two.

I picked up our 7th share this afternoon-that post is coming soon. See you on down the Road.

  1. Annie Grummon July 31, 2012 at 7:24 pm

    Delicious! Which sauce did your family like the best? And, with all the creative cooking you’re doing, how do you handle clean-up? Do you pick up as you go, or wait till the end of the evening after dinner and get it all at once? I’m ashamed to say that sometimes I avoid cooking just because I don’t want to clean up…



    1. I liked all of them, Husband liked the cheese, and Boy was a pill and didn’t eat his.
      Cleaning up can vary wildly from a complete clean-up as I go, to leaving it all until morning when I am half-asleep and drinking my first cup of coffee, and don’t care that I’m doing dishes.
      Or Husband and Boy sometimes clean up. True Confessions: the kitchen counter is almost never empty of dirty dishes. Such is the creative life. ;)



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