CSA Share #1-The Greens of Summer


Left to right: Lettuces and salad mix, kale, radishes, garlic chives, arugula, swiss chard, peas

-The lettuces and salad mix are destined for, well, salads (great dinners on hot humid days like yesterday and today).

-The radishes will be sliced thin or minced and top said salads.

-The swiss chard is a favorite family side dish, steamed, sauteed or boiled.

-The garlic chives add a light garlic flavor to just about anything you want. Scrambled eggs come to mind, as I haven’t had breakfast, but they could also be chopped for potatoes, salsa, pasta.

-The arugula is a peppery addition to a salad, but it also makes a flavorful bed of greens for a sauteed chicken breast or pork chop. It will love a pan sauce poured over it, as it will wilt a bit and tastes great with butter and salt.

-I often freeze the kale I get all summer long, for winter soups and bean dishes, but this batch is only a 1/2 pound, so I am considering chopping, sauteing in bacon fat, and serving alongside some Italian sausage and cannellini bean mash.

-The peas, oh the glorious freshly-picked peas, they are already dispatched, blanched in hot water and eaten for dinner the day I brought them home. The sugars in them begin to turn to starches as soon as they are picked, so their joyful burst of summer sweetness is best enjoyed the day they are picked. There is nothing like a sweet pea the moment it has been picked. Think of the happiest day of your childhood, all innocence and freedom and light. That is the flavor of a freshly-picked sweet pea straight out of the pod-all sweetness and purity like the memory of that day.

Go get some fresh sweet peas (from a farm).

See you on the Road.

  1. Love all the different shades of green! Arugula is my favorite!



    1. I’d have to agree with you on the arugula, if only the peas weren’t there…I love, love, love sweet peas in season.



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