A Girl Wants What A Girl Wants

So I didn’t know what I wanted for breakfast this morning. I had coffee, and tried to decide what in the house sounded good. But nothing I could see sounded good. I thought of eggs, but you need toast with eggs, and I wasn’t excited about the bread we have. Then I saw cherry tomatoes, and thought of an omelet, but again, you need toast with an omelet. I began to think of substitutes for toast. Hmm, there’s a can of black beans in the pantry, and ooh, there’s salsa in the fridge, that sounds like a spanish omelet, or even better, Huevos Rancheros. But wait, aren’t Huevos Rancheros usually served over a corn tortilla? Damn, no tortillas, but wait, I have some masa flour in the pantry…

How hard can it be to make corn tortillas?

Turns out, it’s a breeze, and so following the directions on my instant masa flour bag, I made homemade corn tortillas. Dude. They are so worth the 30 minutes or so that they took to make. Sooo much better than storebought. No mess, and fun, like playing with soft playdough. On to the Huevos Rancheros.

I emptied a can of black beans into a pan, heated them through, mashed them a bit with a masher, and stirred in the contents of a couple jars of salsa that needed to be used up, let them all warm together and sit over low heat.


I fried a tortilla briefly in oil on both sides, then fried two eggs sunnyside up. On the plate: Tortilla, eggs, bean salsa, slices of chile straight from the freezer, some sour cream and chopped scallion for garnish.


This was exactly what I wanted.

Now of course, there are leftover tortillas, and leftover bean salsa. Damn. I can’t think of anything to do with that.

See you on the Road.

  1. Hey! I really enjoy your blog. So I’ve selected you for a Versatile Blogger Award. Click on my link to read my post about the award and why I think your blog is awesome!




  2. Thanks for the fantastic breakfast idea. I’ve never made tortillas, but you’ve inspired me. Call me up next time you make a breakfast like this and I’ll help you finish the leftovers!!!



    1. Absolutely! You’re always welcome. Bring your camera! :)



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