Oh, So Here’s The New Blog.

Yep, you found it. Real Food Road has moved to WordPress. For oh so many reasons, that are not altogether important. What’s important is that you’re here, I’m here, and the food is here. So welcome to the new and in-the-process-of-being-improved blog. Thanks for visiting. That’s all I got right now, as my dining room is also in the process-of-being-improved by, well, me. So, come back soon and often, as I hope to keep adding bits and pieces as I go.

Here is the long-awaited photo of the ratatouille fresh from the oven. My mouth is watering just thinking about this. Too bad this was a couple months ago.

Here is the ratatouille all plated and ready to go. This is comfort food from the first bite, and there is absolutely no cheese or butter or even meat in it. At all. I know, it’s improbable, but the baking/stewing all the vegetables together with the piperade beneath makes the flavors so rich and melting and buttery, it’s like alchemy.

So, go make some ratatouille, check down the page click here for the recipe (Confit Byaldi), and come back soon.

  1. Looks beautiful – the ratatouille! Where’s the recipe, again?

    Also, I’d not known of your blog elsewhere, but welcome to wordpress. It’s nice here. ;)

    – Veronika



    1. Thanks! The recipe is down near the bottom of the front page of the blog. If you scroll down, it’s in a post titled “Blooming”. If you are not on the front page, check the Archives for the month of July, and the post should be there. The recipe seems long, but when you get down to making it, it’s really very simple, particularly if you have a mandoline. Enjoy!



  2. Ah! Thank you, will check it out!



  3. […] plus 2-3 tablespoons of fat doesn’t add up to much fat in your bowl. I do believe it’s another case of food alchemy. After a spin in the blender, or a quick application of your immersion blender, the cream is added […]



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