Random Friday Mini-Rants

1. My 18-month old stovetop is only half functional; after the failure of a tiny resistor on a circuit board (twice-the replacement board also failed 10 days after being installed), the repairman is doing some research on the problem. Haven’t heard back yet, maybe by Monday. GE Profile electric glasstop range, fyi. Can still cook on the right side of stovetop, and in oven. Stay tooned.

2. Lots of foodie and literary buzz surrounding new book “Blood, Bones, and Butter-The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef”, by Gabrielle Hamilton. Snatched new copy off shelf in library to give it a read. Stay tooned also.

3. My book club’s next selection is “Like Water For Chocolate”, by Laura Esquivel. I read and listened to this book a long time ago, and am looking forward to it again. Subtitled “A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies”. What’s not to love about that?

4. If you haven’t been to Nigella Lawson’s website (click on the link on the right, my favorite link right now), check it out. There are some delicious-sounding (and looking, she always has photos, jealous) recipes over there, and a monthly cookalong, in which I am going to take part. I’m going to make July’s decadent “Chocolate Raspberry Pavlova”, even if it is August. Then, move on to August’s “Little Lemon Puddings”. Crossing fingers as I remember the stovetop issue. Sigh.

When next we meet, there will be ratatouille photos. Have you rented the movie yet? Also, a yummy soup I love to make and eat, and it’s even good for me, loaded with calcium don’t ya know?

See you on the Road. :)

  1. Husband says: Mmmmmmm…. Chocolate Rasberry Pavlova…. Drooool….



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