Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Pyramid

The USDA has finally gotten rid of the clumsy, hard-to-follow food pyramid, and in its place is MyPlate. It’s okay as far as eating guidelines go, a bit simpler graphically, so it’s easier to understand. For people just starting on their healthier-eating journey, it’s a fine place to begin.

But check out the Anti-Inflammatory Diet & Pyramid. It was developed by Dr. Andrew Weil. It takes the USDA’s food pyramid to a whole different scientific and nutritional level, and leaves MyPlate in the dust. You don’t have to buy into the anti-inflammatory angle to follow the pyramid, and reap the nutritional benefits it offers, but there is some science behind it.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of information there; I have decided to take it one level at a time, bottom to top, starting with Vegetables and Fruits. I am keeping track of the number of servings of each I eat during the day, and it is helping me to consider choosing fruits and vegetables before other foods, when I am wanting to eat something. I say consider, because I am still not getting all those servings in each day. Sometimes you just want crackers and cheese, especially when it’s local, fresh, goat cheese. Yum.

This week I added in the second level, Whole and Cracked Grains, Pasta, and Beans and Legumes. We’ll see how it goes.

In season right now: lettuce and strawberries! What better way to get veg and fruit into the picture than a big salad of greens and strawberries. Maybe with goat cheese. Oooooh. See you on the Road.

Comments? Thoughts? Share them here.

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