There’s No Place…

Just back from our trip to California.

California has much-loved family to visit. California has some lovely weather. California has some of the best burgers and Mexican food ever. California has entertainment/amusement opportunities not readily available to us in the Northeast; Legoland, San Diego Zoo, Pacific Ocean beaches. We took advantage of as much of this as we could, and enjoyed it greatly.


The morning after our return, just after daybreak, I savored my first cup of coffee on the deck in our backyard, watching baby robins fledge from the nest in the eaves.
I shared this moment with our crazy old cat, while I knitted a sock and listened to the creatures of the woods around our home welcome a beautiful spring morning. I smelled grass, and trees, and flowers.

Later that afternoon, I drove around our town and gathered fresh, delicious, local products from farmstands, under a clear blue sky, and found I could not stop smiling.

Dorothy was right.

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