A Couple of Must-Read Links

Finally, in the midst of holiday preparations, I have had a chance to head over to La Vida Locavore, and Jill has posted some news that I must share with all of you.

First of all, as my hubby and I have hypothesized, there has finally been a link discovered between HFCS and diabetes in humans. This validation is bittersweet. No pun intended. (HFCS=high fructose corn syrup)

Second, another one of my theories has been proven by science, this time from space! California’s overdevelopment, both agricultural and suburban, is unsustainable, and will have consequences felt by the whole country, re: food availability and cost. Just another reason to keep seeking out as much locally produced food as possible. If you’re in California, go to your Farmers’ Markets, instead of your supermarkets. (oh I’m just too cute by half this morning).

If you head over to La Vida Locavore to read these links, there is an ad on her blog for a So Cal CSA (community-supported agriculture) farm. I checked out their website and if you’re interested in supporting this kind of farming and live in their areas of delivery, their price is very reasonable and they are worth considering. Plus I am totally envious of a 12-month CSA; my CSA here in northern New England only can grow things for 5 months at best.

I will probably not be back here for a couple of weeks. I wish you all a beautiful, peaceful, loving holiday season.

Comments? Thoughts? Share them here.

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