Beginning at the Beginning

My family has been eating mostly real, local food, since 2003. The beginning was before that, though, in 2000 when, for health reasons, both my husband and I had to significantly change our diets. That, and knowing everything I ate would somehow affect the breast milk my son was living on at the time, threw great focus on what was coming in and going out of my kitchen.

When you’re cooking for a hungry husband with dietary issues, quality and quantity matter. Processed foods offered neither to my starving husband. All they offered was quick and cheap, but those qualities aren’t helpful if one of the people at the table can only have a spoonful, or none at all. Our food choices had to change, and that evolution has led us here.

We’ve come a long way down the real food road, and it’s now second nature for us, the finding, cooking, and eating in this way. Are we some kind of food saints? No way. Far from it. Especially when the days and weeks get busy, the fast food and junk food creep back into our lives, but we eventually find our way back to the food that tastes the best and helps us all feel our best.

That brings me to why I decided to start this blog. I would like to help others find their way down the real food road, if they’re so inclined. I am also an online member of a “weight-watching” organization (remember the junk food??), and I am mildly frustrated with the heavy reliance on and marketing of processed “diet” foods as acceptable weight loss options, when real foods are so much healthier and satisfying. So I will be comparing and contrasting foods, to add a little perspective to the weight loss picture.

So, if you’re interested, or just curious, or even dubious, check back about once a week, and in between posts, visit some of the sites I’ve linked to in my Blog List and Link List Blogroll. They’re some of my favorite food sites, with tons of information about local sources, and other food information. A few of them are not only about food, but are written by women and moms who work hard to feed their families well. I will add other related links as I go. See you soon!

Comments? Thoughts? Share them here.

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